Bounding Box of a Rotated Rectangle

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In action script is possible to find out the bounding box of a rotated sprite(rectangles can be used as well) using DisplayObject.getBounds method. In this post I’ll show a pure mathematic/geometrical approach. It has the advantages that can be ported in other languages, can be used independently of AS3 display… Read more »

Add Auto-Hide functionality to Sprite and MovieClip objects in AS3

Auto-Hide might be useful when you deal with situations when you have too many controls on a screen and you just want to hide those which are not used so often to have enough space in the main screen. A simple option to implement would be to use MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER and… Read more »

How to add Drag’n Drop functionality to a Sprite

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Here is a little snippet code which adds drag and drop functionality to a sprite object:

How to Use net.hires.debug.Stats to Test the Performance

Download the net.hires.debug.Stats class and copy it in your application source code structure. add a new object to the main sprite object:

If you prefer different colors you can add some custom parameters: