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I just created an UML representation of the class hierarchy in createjs library. Sometimes I need to know some relations and taking a quick look to the class hierarchy is really useful. I didn’t include¬†DOMElement in the diagram because it’s an experimental class and probably will not be a very used one.

Here are the classes in the hierarchy:

  • EventDispatcher
    • SpriteSheet
    • SpriteSheetBuilder
    • Ticker
    • DisplayObject
      • Sprite
      • Container
      • Bitmap
        • BitmapText
        • MovieClip
        • Stage
          • StageGL
      • Shape
      • Text
      • DOMElement

Those are the main display classes which can be grouped in a hierarchy. Along with those there are a few other classes which are no part of hierarchy. Most of them are not inherited from other classes:

  • EventEvent
    • MouseEvent
  • FilterFilter
    • AlphaMapFilter
    • AlphaMaskFilter
    • BlurFilter
    • ColorFilter
    • ColorMatrixFilter
    • BitmapCache
    • ButtonHelper
    • ColorMatrix
    • DisplayProps
    • EaselJS – holds library specific information such as the version and buildDate of the library.
    • Graphics
    • Matrix2D
    • MovieClipPlugin
    • Point
    • Rectangle
    • Shadow
    • SpriteSheetUtils
    • Touch
    • UID
    • UtilityMethods
    • VideoBuffer
    • WebGlInspector





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